Tablet App | IBM Analytics Project

Powered by Spark, designed at IBM, RedRock is a tablet app to help you discover new relationships and actionable insights from Twitter data.


Vote Smart

Mobile App | Startup Project

I was approached by a startup that wanted to create a mobile app to help citizens better engage in politics, especially in their local government and community.


The Local's Market

Service Design | Award-winning Project

By acting as a bridge between local producers and consumers, The Local's Market creates a mutually sustained agricultural community.


“Process is more important than outcome. When the outcome drives the process we will only ever go to where we’ve already been. If process drives outcome we may not know where we’re going, but we will know we want to be there.” - Bruce Mau

A Package Deal:

Design and Experience Strategy
User-centered Practices
User Interface Design
Design Thinking Methodologies
Content Writing
Attention to Detail
Organization Skill

A mutt named Springer
A tabby named Jackson